Argentine Tango in Fort Collins!

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I teach the basic movements of Argentine Tango as a foundation upon which the core concepts of improvisation are built. This includes the frame, walking, turns, cruzada, and ochos. More vocabulary is added only as students master foundational movement.
Social Tango requires skill at floorcraft and navigation is continually reinforced at all levels.
Argentine Tango is a source of personal challenge both mentally and physically, and is an art of biomechanics.

I teach dancers how to use physics to embody the connection of the dance. We work with connection, technique, and musicality as a continuous integrated whole. On top of this, students are encouraged to explore their own understanding of the Tango connection in their own time.

I like to support the development of a clear and concise lead with simple footwork and musicality.  Leaders are encouraged to create their own dance and styling as a layer on top of solid fundamental techniques. 
Followers are given insightful support from the standpoint of axis and balance, listening and awareness. Advanced technique will develop integrated, grounded connection and styling practices. 

Welcome to the journey of Argentine Tango!

Group Argentine Tango Classes:

  • Winter Beginner Tango Series 
    January 11th - March 8th
    Thursdays 7-8pm

    9 weeks for $95 includes a private lesson. (Students $45)
    Click HERE for Full Package.
    Click HERE for Student Package. 
  • Advanced Beginner Tango 
  • Intermediate Tango
    Thursdays 8-9pm
    $35/month or $10 Drop-In
    Click HERE for Intermediate Monthly Lessons
    Click HERE for Intermediate Monthly Student Lessons


  • Take 2 classes per evening and pay only $15 (Students $10)
    Monthly 2 class pack ($60 per person)
    Monthly Student 2 class pack ($40 per person)


  • Private Tango Lessons are available:
    $50/hour or $200 for a 5 pack (students pay $100)

    Need to Pay Amy? Click HERE to enter a custom amount. 

We Dance Every Sunday!

December 2017:
1st Sunday (12/3): House Practica
2nd Sunday(12/10):Field Trip to Boulder LocoTango
3rd Sunday (12/17): House Practica
4th Sunday (12/24): No Practica

Look for another Fort Collins Milonga in February!

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