Creative Dance for EveryBody!

At EarthBeat, we teach Brain Compatible Creative Dance. Our main goal is to provide deeper connections for the self, and with others, for all ages, thereby helping to develop a stronger community and a better world.

Our curriculum supports the holistic growth, development, healing, and learning for all members of the community. This means that classes are presented with optimal whole brain and body learning in mind. We teach BrainDance - the exercises developed by Anne Green Gilbert of the Creative Dance Center of Seattle. Amy participated in Anne Green Gilbert's Summer Teacher's Institute which provides an incredible depth and breadth of training in BrainDance and it's applications for the Primary Reflexes, Brain Compatible Dance Education, and the Coordination Patterns.

We offer classes in Fort Collins, CO for Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School, and Adults, including Pre-natal and Post-natal Women's Support and Movement groups.

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All Classes are located at:

Iyengar Yoga Center of Fort Collins
210 East Oak Street Suite A
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Email Us: abeaudet@earthbeatdance.com