StoryDance for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

StoryDance for Toddlers and Pre-School

This is a parent/child class for sturdy walkers up through age 5.

Adults: Workout clothes and bare feet.
Children: dance or play clothes (leggings, t-shirts, etc.), bare feet.

So much fun! Come dance with us and watch your little ones bloom into confident and creative dancers!

This class supports your child's healthy growth and learning through whole body movement.  Dancing with your child will continue to build a great foundation for the developing brain, as well as encourage body awareness, control, balance, and coordination. We will dance with partners, and with groups to facilitate positive social and emotional experiences. Multi-sensory props and musical instruments are used while investigating dance concepts. Musical genres from all over the world with many different languages are used as well as nursery rhymes. We learn how to express ourselves and tell stories with our bodies. It's also a great and fun way to burn off any extra energy!

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